Ezekiel 19:5-6 Young Lions

Ezekiel 19:5-6 (KJV)
Now when she saw that she had waited, and her hope was lost, then she took another of her whelps, and made him a young lion.
And he went up and down among the lions, he became a young lion, and learned to catch the prey, and devoured men.

Years ago, I heard someone suggest that this chapter might be a prophecy concerning the United States. It seems incredible to many that America, as prominent a place as she has played in world history, would not even have a hint in the Bible. Maybe America doesn’t play as prominent a place as she thinks!

I use this today more as an exercise in the imagination, perhaps as a demonstration how the mind, that wants to contrive a thing, can do so if it pleases. We should stick to the plain meaning of every Bible text unless the Bible text clearly tells us to do otherwise.

The lion has long been a symbol in England. England has historic ties to Israel dating back, I think, to the first century. England’s history toward liberty, her Christian influence, her missionary efforts, her revivals could have given hope of spiritual greatness. Indeed, there were those who believed England was God’s second Israel.

But she has failed. Today she is in need of missionary work and is overrun with ungodliness. She might represent the first whelp. 

But from England sprang a second young lion, the United States. Very early on it appeared that the U.S. would take up where England had left off in the spiritual world. The revivals of England rocked the U.S. and at the same time shaped her. Indeed, it is possible to credit those revivals with the Revolution that brought her to independence. 

America quickly set the standard for missionary work. The wealth created in the U.S. saw churches rise and missionary money raised. Revivals continued in the United States even as we fought our own demons. The US has been the greatest friend to Israel and may have been considered her savior. Alas, the U.S. has begun a spiritual decline that, if we were to take the prophecies of this chapter into account, it looks like this decline will end in her eventual dissolution. 

We must never make too much of types we find in the Bible, especially those that have no secondary Biblical support. 

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Ezekiel 19:5-6 Young Lions

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