Acts 19:5 They Were Baptized

Acts 19:5 (KJV)
When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.

I know there will be some who take umbrage at my saying Apostle Paul was a Baptist, or rather, an Anabaptist.

Here’s my reasoning. The term anabaptist, “rebaptizer,” is a derogatory term applied to those Christians who refused to yoke with Constantine’s early catholic church. They further took the step of refusing that any baptisms, regardless of the mode, of the catholic churches, was a Scriptural baptism. Any coming from those churches, upon a sound profession of faith, was baptized scripturally under the authority of what the Anabaptists would have insisted is a scriptural church. 

We see Paul, in this instance, meet a group of baptized people. Call that a church, albeit an unscriptural one. Paul, upon examining their faith, determined: 

First that they were not saved 
This based on the false teaching they had received.

Second that they were not baptized
Though they had experienced a religious ritual similar to baptism, it was not scriptural therefore was not true baptism. 

I commend Apostle Paul for giving them the true gospel and then leading them to true baptism (whether he was the one who baptized we do not know. He may have left the actual performance of it to one of his team.) I also commend these brethren for the humility to hear the Word of God more perfectly and to embrace it so fully that they received the Holy Ghost and submitted to believers’ baptism. 

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Acts 19:5 They Were Baptized

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